Hook & Ladder Co#2

Hook & Ladder

Hook & Ladder Co#2
"Floral Park's Original Company"

As far back as the late eighteen hundreds the little Village of Floral Park has always seemed to be a remarkably safe place in which to live. Major crimes were almost unknown outside the big city, and there had been little experience with tragic effect of fire. It wasn't until a fire destroyed the towns general store several years after its construction that the need for fire protection was addressed.

On May 18,1893 Floral Park Hook & Ladder Company No.1 was organized and issued its papers of incorporation. The Company's apparatus consisted of a hose reel with the capacity of 300ft. of hose, some hydrant wrenches, 2 axes, a crow bar, and 2 lanterns. The reel was not even horse-drawn at the time but rather pulled by the firemen themselves. This equipment was housed in a shed behind the hotel that was located near the intersection of Tulip & Violet Avenues.

According to an old history book on the Village of Floral Park, Hook & Ladder Company No. 1, besides fighting any errant blaze which might threaten, was a leader in social activities in the village. Invitations to dances and receptions given by the group were eagerly sought and were quite the high spot of the social season. Formal affairs they were, requiring white tie and tails and evening gowns. It was written in an early New York newspaper, “The Floral Park Hook & Ladder Company is very active in village life. It never fails to respond immediately when called to fight fire. It also keeps up the social side.” It is safe to say that this “social side” remains the same today, sans the white ties and evening gowns.

In 1901, a new building was erected and used as Fire Headquarters at a cost of $2,975. A loan of $2,000 was secured and the balance was paid in cash.

In 1907 the hamlet of Floral Park became the Incorporated Village of Floral Park by act of state legislation. At a meeting held on May 13, 1907 the Fire Department sold the real estate and furnishings of Hook & Ladder Company No.1 for the sum of $4,500 and the proceeds were divided among the members in good standing at the time, pro rata, according to their years of service. After paying off the mortgage, the balance of $2,494.74 was distributed among 29 members, who received various sums from $125.93 to $27.16. The firemen’s equipment and uniforms were purchased through member’s dues and voluntary subscription.

With the new Incorporated Village of Floral Park, Hook & Ladder Company No.1 became Hook & Ladder Company No. 2 and the Alert Engine Hose Company No. 1 was formed. From this point on the Floral Park Fire Department began to grow.

Today, Hook & Ladder Company No. 2 is comprised of more than thirty highly trained and dedicated men & women. They come from all walks of life and are ready at a moments notice to serve the residents of the village 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The company’s equipment has come a long way from hose reels and hand pulled carts-they now operate a sophisticated 95’ tower ladder truck filled with state of the art equipment. Some of this equipment includes air monitoring devices, thermal imaging cameras, air bags capable of lifting heavy vehicles and train cars and a large assortment of vehicle rescue tools.

As you can see Hook & Ladder Company has a rich history in the village and we are extremely proud to be “Floral Park’s Original Company’.